Cloakroom Sink Splashback

Cloakroom Sink Splashback

Lovely little cloakroom sink splashback with a flowers and butterflies silhouette. These silhouette designs are exclusive to us and designed in house by our graphic designer (Maxine). Available in ANY two paint colours they are manufactured as follows:

The design (one of several we offer) is first sized to suit the splashback and cut onto vinyl using a vinyl plotter (in reverse). The vinyl is then applied to the rear of the glass and all the excess vinyl that is not part of the design is “weeded”, for some of our silhouette designs this process can take between one and two hours. The background colour is then spray painted onto the glass and allowed to dry. Once it has fully dried the vinyl pattern then needs removed from the glass and the second colour is then printed which will produce the pattern colour. The glass is of course then all cleaned up and packaged to be shipped to you as the hand made centrepiece for your kitchen, bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite!

Sounds like a lot of hard work? It is but that’s what it takes sometimes to make a completely unique product, enjoy.

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