Ember Glass are proud to announce a new product range

First full fit non reflective glass splashback in the UK

Ember Glass have expanded their product range this week with their first ever non reflective full fit kitchen splasback installation, our customer was very pleased with the result and so were we.To our knowledge its the first ever non reflective kitchen full fit splashback ever in the UK.

Its been a lot of time in the product developing stage to produce a non reflective glass splashback, but its all been worth it. Unlike normal glass splashbacks that reflect light, our non reflective glass splashbacks absorbs the light giving a warm felling to the room.

The non reflective product is just as easy to clean and maintain as traditional glass splashbacks. Simply use off the shelf cleaning products, we recommend using a microfibre cloth when cleaning your glass to achieve a streak free finish. maintaining your non reflective glass splashback couldn’t be easier.

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