RAL 4010 Glass Splashback

RAL 4010 Glass Splashback

Hot Pink Glass Splashback

This particular installation was completely carried out by one of our DIY customers, who followed our measuring and fitting instructions perfectly.

It does of course make it easier if you do not have an electrical sockets to fit around (only the left hand panel on this occasion needs to be fitted around a socket). There are ways around this of course, you can  get your electrical sockets moved to either a pop up socket that is fitted inside a hole in your worktop or alternatively you can opt for under cupboard sockets. The beauty of doing this when getting splashbacks installed is that you do not need to worry what state your wall is left in as the glass will cover it completely (unless you choose clear glass of course!).

Pop up electrical socket


What is also notable in this particular kitchen is that the splashback has been made in three sections rather than an upside down T shape. Yes, in an ideal world, on single piece of glass does look best however it is very hard to measure for these yourself as you have to take into account an internal radius. Due to the internal radius, there is also going to be a much more noticeable gap underneath your kitchen units. In three pieces you do not need to take an internal radius into account so you are literally just measuring and fitting three rectangles (or three oversize tiles).

Are you brave enough to install a hot pink glass splashback? You would be very surprised at how many people choose this colour, it seems a bold choice, and I guess it is, but that’s what splashbacks are all about. Make your mark on your home, don’t worry about the next owners unless you plan on selling very soon. How do you know they will like your kitchen, perhaps they don’t want a gas hob, if every house they see is cream and magnolia whose house will stand out in a buyer’s market?

The best advice we can give when choosing a colour is always try the colour on your wall first, coloured splashbacks are simply made by back painting coloured glass so it is the perfect way to try it out. Even this particular pink splashback in RAL 4010, all paint stores can mix RAL colours but no manufacturers sell them (if they do the name will change). It is an industry standard colour range though so widely available if you ask.



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