White Glass Splashback with Silver Sparkle

White Glass Splashback with Silver Sparkle

This Pure White (RAL 9003) Glass Splashback has been made with silver sparkle although it is quite hard to see the sparkle in a photograph.

When looking online for a colour it is important to remember that the colours on your computer screen, tablet or mobile phone may not be a true representation of the actual colour or photograph. For this reason, many people choose the colours based on the name of the colour- this leads to many people ordering RAL 9010 because it is called Pure White…it is not pure white so the name is rather misleading. We always recommend RAL 9003 which is called Signal White if you are looking for the whitest white, you should also ensure that your glass splashback supplier (if you do not choose us) uses low iron (opti white) glass as normal glass will have a green tinge and WILL NOT BE WHITE!

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